American Cancer Society

Dear Mike –

“Now that the 2010 Cars For a Cure campaign has ended, I want you to know how much we have appreciated everything you did this year to help us promote the program. Your skilled handling of the advertising campaign on WBZ Radio made all of the difference for us: negotiating the best time slots, securing the bonus spots during the holidays, your help with the web banner, and the daily times updates for our ads, made the whole process efficient — and fun! We couldn’t have done it without you. And we really appreciate your referring some of your other contacts to us for opportunities like the Shawnee Peak tickets. These thoughtful gestures offer great new ways for the Society to raise the dollars we need to help save more lives from cancer.

In the meantime, thank you for the attention and support you brought to the American Cancer Society again this year. Enjoy your summer! ”

Kindest regards,


Karen Rouse
Sr. Vice President for Communications & Marketing
American Cancer Society, New England Division

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